Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nacho Mama's Fridge!!!

“Nacho Mama’s Fridge” is a group show of art-for-sale-at-irresistibly-affordable-prices celebrating both generosity and democracy in art with most art priced under $20 at The Kenmore, Box 13 ArtSpace, November 13- December 31, 2010. The opening reception is Saturday, November 13 from 7pm to 9:30pm.

Bonnie Blue, known for her “Women Who Rock” series encompassing portraits on rocks, shoes, bras, and an art car, Cody Ledvina, artist and co-founder of “The Joanna Gallery” in Houston, Texas, Veronica Jackson, Houston-based poet and painter, Merilee Minshew, artist and jewelry designer, Jarrod “Toonzi!” Perez, cartoonist, comic artist and creator of “Screwed-Up Comics”, Keith Reynolds, artist and founder of “The Houston Entertainicle”, Madeline Robinson, capturer of personalities, Lindsey Simard, painter of watercolor hipsters, and Kristi Wilson, current resident at The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft present work at The Kenmore at Box 13 Artspace this Saturday. The exhibition is curated by Emily Sloan.

The majority of the artists in this show sell their works at extremely affordable prices on a regular basis in an attempt to share it with more people and provide themselves with a quick turnaround in their invested materials and time so they can keep creations flowing. Several other artists interested in this idea and approach have joined in creating “irresistibly affordable” art especially for this show. Unlike the refrigerator art a proud parent may exhibit, all of the works are for sale! Additionally, nachos will be served during the opening.

Image: Sweet Meats, earrings by Merilee Minshew

The Kenmore
Box 13 Artspace
6700 Harrisburg
Houston, Texas 77011

Contact The Kenmore at 713-582-1198 or thekenmore@gmail.com

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