Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drop off for Salon des Refusés--Monday, June 28 and Tuesday, June 29

Mary's sign.

The gallery parking lot! Reporter Virginia Billeaud Anderson was on hand interviewing artists as they dropped off their artwork.

Signing in...

A pizza was delivered?

Even the pizza delivery artist had to sign the waiver!


More art...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Call for artwork rejected from Lawndale Art Center's The BIG Show 2010---Salon des Refusés

Salon des Refusés—call for artworks rejected from Lawndale Art Center’s The Big Show 2010.


*must be an artwork rejected from Lawndale Art Center’s The Big Show 2010 (present The Big Show entry label)

*one entry per artist

*Location: Gallery 1724, 1724 Bissonnet (between Dunlavy and Woodhead), Houston, TX 77005 (

*Delivery times and dates: Monday, June 28, 4pm-9pm and Tuesday, June 29, 4pm-6pm.

*Exhibition dates: Friday, July 9 through Saturday, August 7, 2010

*Note: Artwork may be turned away due to size and available space.

*No juror

*No prizes

*Free to enter!

For additional information, contact Emily Sloan at 713-582-1198 or

Thank you!

“Salon des Refusés" will open Friday, July 9, from 8pm-10pm at Gallery 1724 located at 1724 Bissonnet (between Dunlavy and Woodhead), Houston, Texas 77005. The exhibition will close August 7. "Salon des Refusés" is an exhibition of artworks rejected from the Big Show 2010 at Lawndale Art Center, 4912 Main St., Houston, Texas 77002.

NAP: Napping Affects Performance

The Kenmore presents Aisen Caro Chacin's "Lechuguillita"

Aisen installing:

Exhibition views:

One night only!---Saturday, May 15 from 7-9:30pm.

The Kenmore's location:
Box 13 ArtSpace
6700 Harrisburg (at Cesar Chavez)
Houston, Texas 77011

After a long period of scientific research limited access, Lechuguillita, the smallest cave of the Americas, is open to the public on May 15th for the first time. Salt and copper sulfate pentahydrate crystal formations deck the 0.25 cubic ft. frozen cave. Lechuguillita Cave lies beneath studio wilderness area. However, it appears that the cave's passages may extend out of the studio into adjacent Bureau of Art Management (BAM) land. A major threat to the cave is proposed drilling on BAM land. Any leakage of gas or fluids into the cave's passages could kill cave life or cause explosions.

Read more about Ms. Chacin on our history page!

Lane Hagood and Sarah G. Sharp

The Kenmore presents Feather Storm

Hayden Fosdick and William Winkler

The Kenmore presents Michael Brim's "Ink"

Michael installing:

Exhibition views:

Above: pizza, beer, cookie dough, carrots, art


One night only!---Saturday, March 13 from 7-9:30pm.

The Kenmore's location:
Box 13 ArtSpace
6700 Harrisburg (at Cesar Chavez)
Houston, Texas 77001

Ink consists of a video of a partial portrait. However, the piece seems more like a still image. Nothing changes, except for the occasional movement of the eye. The amount of detail conveyed through the use of High Definition stands in stark contrast to the ambiguity of the piece. Ink is The Kenmore's first FotoFest exhibit.

Michael grew up where The Sound of Music was filmed. He came to America on Thanksgiving Day 1999, wondering why all the Americans on the plane were eating Turkey. He then settled in Houston for the warm weather and the friendly people. In 2008 he graduated with an MFA from the City’s prestigious TIER One pursuing University. (This is where we met!) He spent one semester teaching Design, Photography, Digital Imaging and Video Art at Lamar University in Beaumont and now runs his own video production company.

For more information on Michael's life or work go to

For more information on The Kenmore, please call or write:

For more information about Fotofest visit:

Curation Myth

Creation Myth

Not the Family Jewels!

The Kenmore presents Cody Ledvina's "A Tiny War Between Racists About the Origin of Adam"

...all that conflict in one box!!!

One night only, and that night is Saturday, February 13, 2010 from 7-9:30pm. Please join us on the first floor of Box 13 ArtSpace, 6700 Harrisburg, Houston, TX 77011.

Julie Fernandez-Pol and Valerie Powell

Julie Fernancez-Pol and Valerie Powell

Dirty Drawers