Thursday, July 8, 2010

Putting things into perspective at The BIG Show preview party.

I scored an invite (that included bringing a guest) to attend Lawndale Art Center's The BIG Show 2010 preview party. Art model Bobby Younce was my guest and aided me in giving the artworks perspective by posing next to them. Bobby is approximately 69 inches tall.

Above: Bobby with Zepeda.
Top: Lint on Black Rug, Pill Bottle and Hairbrush (sexy mirror image: IMG_1213)
Bottom: Green Room with Teddy Bear and Old Bra (sexy mirror im- age: IMG_708)

Bobby introducing the audience to The Kenmore's "The small Show."
Artists: Aisen Caro Chacin, Loli Fernandez-A, Valerie Powell, Emily Sloan (curator)

Below: Bobby working front of Stuart Kimbrell's "The Virgin Mary."

Bobby napping at "The BIG Show Power Nap Station" to rejuvenate before putting more art into perspective.

Bobby and a woman in similar pink bottoms created by Lisa Paula Patrick called "Any Guy Can Hold a Girl's Hand."

Thank you Bobby Younce for your expertise in putting things into perspective at The BIG Show! Thank you Lawndale Art Center for hosting!

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